Revised Food Safety Rules Could Legalize Raw Milk Shares

Sep 19, 2012

Revisions to the Wyoming Department of Agriculture’s proposed food safety rules could make it easier to obtain raw milk. Raw milk is unprocessed, unpasteurized milk. The originally proposed food safety rules said that raw milk could only be used by the sole owners of a milk cow and their families or guests.

Manager of Consumer Health Services, Dean Finkenbinder, says the word ‘sole’ was removed after about 130 people spoke out at public meetings and a public hearing.  

“By removing the word ‘solely’ that opens it up to where individuals could purchase a share in a milk animal,” Finkenbinder said. 

A share is acquired by buying into a herd in order to receive a percentage of the animals’ milk. Selling raw milk to non-share holders remains illegal. Finkenbinder expects the rules to arrive in the governor’s office for final approval by the end of the month.