Report On Fatal Yellowstone Grizzly Attack Advises Carrying Bear Spray

Jan 14, 2016


An interagency Board of Review released a report of last summer’s fatal grizzly attack in Yellowstone National Park.

Several organizations, including representatives from the national parks, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and the U.S.G.S. Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team, compiled a report on the death of Lance Crosby. Crosby was hiking alone, off trail, and without bear spray when he was attacked and killed by an adult female grizzly bear in Yellowstone last August.

Yellowstone National Park Spokeswoman Sandra Snell-Dobert  says the report did not reveal any new information on the attack itself, but rather emphasized the continued importance of vigilance when it comes to hiking in wilderness.

"We reiterate the fact that people do need to carry bear spray. You know, we remind people whenever they get their back country permits. We’re trying to make sure that our local audiences are aware that hiking in groups, and carrying bear spray and knowing how to use that bear spray - very important," says Snell-Dobert.

The Board of Review’s recommends people hiking in bear country make noise, look for signs of bears, and, if you see one, don’t run away since that triggers the bear to give chase.