Rep. Lummis favors Medicare reform

Oct 3, 2012

Wyoming US Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis says she supports a plan to completely reform Medicare.  Lummis was speaking during an interview that will air this week on Open Spaces.   The Republican says she is a supporter of Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan’s plan to reform Medicare.   Lummis says it is wrong to call the effort a cut.  She argues that the main part of the reform that she likes is that the healthiest and wealthiest recipients of Medicare will pay more into the system.   Lummis says getting a handle on Medicare is critical if the federal budget is going to be balanced. “Medicare is going broke in 12 years and we must reform it to save it,” Lummis says. Lummis says she also remains hopeful that Republicans will take over Congress and the Presidency, so that they can get rid of the Affordable Care Act.  She does not believe such action would harm the health care system.    Democrat Chris Henrichsen’s perspective will be posted tomorrow