Renowned Shakespearean Theater Group To Perform At Sheridan College

Apr 5, 2019

Credit Jason Comerford / Shakespeare at Notre Dame

The Whitney Center for the Arts in Sheridan will host a performance of Shakespeare's "King Lear."

The play will be performed by Actors From The London Stage, one of the oldest touring Shakespearean theater troupes in the world. There are over 20 roles in the play, which will be played by five actors.

Aaron Odom, interim theater faculty member at Sheridan College, said it will be an interesting performance to watch.

"You know you have bitter rivals who are played by the same actor. So there are scenes where it will look like they are talking to themselves basically. But they are two distinct characters going through their motions," he said.

The actors have been holding workshops in Sheridan while they've been in town. Odom said it has inspired his students.

"These people have been there, they've had decades-long careers," he said. "And they're, you know, sitting down with us and working with us piece by piece on Shakespeare bits and that's been an incredibly valuable thing."

The performance runs Thursday through Saturday. Tickets are available online.