Red Onion Museum – Upton

Oct 1, 2015

When arriving at the Red Onion Museum in Upton, Wyoming, many visitors ask how the museum came upon its unusual name. They ask “Do you grow red onions?”  It all started when Walter K. “Jarbo” Poulson owned and operated the Red Onion Saloon in Upton for many years. During prohibition, the saloon closed. He moved what remained of the Red Onion Saloon to the barn on his property, which he named the Red Onion Ranch. 

When the Weston County Museum District was formed in 1996, a branch was started in Upton. After many discussions, it was decided to name the branch the Red Onion Museum, as that was a locally famous name. The Weston County Museum District feels that history is kept alive by using the name Red Onion, as it stirs old memories as well as making new ones.

Stop by the Red Onion Museum to see pictures of the Red Onion Saloon and of Jarbo Poulson.  The Red Onion displays many artifacts from the Upton, Wyoming area. These exhibits include Native Americans, early homesteaders, military, and prints of renowned artist, Dave Paulley. Many early day photographs of Upton and its rural areas are part of the museum’s collection also. A stop at the Red Onion Museum will give you a unique glimpse at the past of this area of Northeast Wyoming.

Courtesy and the Red Onion Facebook page.