Red Desert – Nature Conservancy Focus Area

Apr 30, 2018

The Red Desert is one of Wyoming’s gems—a place of astounding biodiversity and uniqueness. The Nature Conservancy is collaborating with public agency and industry partners, and using  science, to set conservation priorities, so that interested parties can work together to protect the Red Desert’s wildness.

“Wyoming’s Red Desert is one of the last great high-elevation deserts left in the United States. Here time, wind and water have carved out colorful badlands, sandstone towers, deep canyons and shifting sand dunes. As an ancient inland sea, traces of long-extinct animals erode from deep beneath the fossil bed."

“This is the only place where the Continental Divide splits and rejoins, forming an enormous basin where water collects rather than flowing into the Pacific or Atlantic oceans. The world's largest herd of desert elk can be found here, along with wagon ruts etched by pioneers traveling the Oregon Trail, and prehistoric rock art and Shoshone spiritual sites.”

For more information, visit the Nature Conservancy’s Red Desert site.