Rebecca Martinez Fitzgerald - WUNC ME Producer & Former WPR Reporter

Mar 31, 2017

Hi, WPR Team!

I had the wonderful privilege of working in the newsroom from 2011-2013. I was also there for one of the early Pet Wednesday pledge drive promotions. It was so much fun to hear how excited the listeners got about shout-outs for their cats and dogs (and sheep and horses and goats and chickens and iguanas)! The News team even dressed up as animals once!

I now live in North Carolina and my husband and I are expecting our first baby in a couple weeks. I came across these photos in a box as we were sorting through boxes to get organized. I love these photos with Bob Beck, Willow Belden, Irina Zhorov, Sara Hossaini and crew!

I hope WPR is going strong and keeping up the good work and fun times!


Rebecca Martinez FitzgeraldĀ