Racines Takes The State Auditor's Race

Nov 6, 2018

Credit Screen shot from http://kristiracines.com/

Republican Kristi Racines beat out Democrat Jeff Dokter to be Wyoming's next State Auditor.

Racines, who is the current Chief Fiscal Officer and Director of Human Resources for Wyoming's judicial branch, focused her campaign on accountability and transparency.

While those issues are still of great importance, she said her goal as auditor is to do a good job managing Wyoming's books.

"Having excellence and competency in the day to day operations; paying the bills, taking care of the vendors, taking care payroll, those are things I actually talked about as the bedrock and the foundation of what the auditor does," said Racines.

She said the Wyoming State Auditor's office has consistently won awards for excellence in financial reporting, which she plans to uphold.

"Continuing that excellence in that reporting. Making sure we do a good job there," said Racines. "And there's always, whenever you have a transition like that, there's always a learning curve. So I know a lot about what the auditor's office does but I'm also smarter enough to know I don't know everything."

She said she's also looking forward to serving as auditor on the State Loan and Investment Board, the Board of Land Commissioners, and the State Building Commission.