Prostitution Bust In Jackson

Aug 26, 2016

Credit Dhtrible at the English language Wikipedia

On Tuesday, the Jackson Police Department and the Teton County Sheriff’s Office caught three people at a Super 8 Motel using an undercover sting operation and charged them all with prostitution. Two of the individuals were also charged with human trafficking and interference with a police officer. Two women and a man were charged with the crime.

Jackson Police Lieutenant Cole Nethercott says the sting was set up after his department found an online advertisement offering a sex act in exchange for money. Nethercott says monitoring websites, like Craigslist, is often an effective tool for curbing prostitution rings.

“I think it’s probably the best opportunity we have other than information we receive from citizens,” Nethercott says, “because it is a place where they are advertising and it is out there.”

He adds that, while prostitution does exist in Jackson, he doesn’t believe it is a bigger problem than other places in the United States.