Proposed Chicken Ordinance Advances In Cheyenne

Apr 13, 2016


The Cheyenne City Council has been debating a proposed ordinance that would allow those living in certain residential zones in Cheyenne to raise chickens in their backyard. Right now, it is illegal to so do.

What has come to be known as the “chicken ordinance” would allow up to five chickens in a backyard within certain residential zones in Cheyenne. This week the ordinance was tweaked during second reading discussion.

Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says the proposed ordinance requires that chickens must be confined in someone’s backyard, there can be no roosters, no more than give hens, and those wanting to raise chickens must get approval by any other adjoining property owner on an annual basis. Many other towns in Wyoming already allow backyard chickens, with Casper’s City Council approving a chicken ordinance just last August. Kaysen says the proposed ordinance in Cheyenne is patterned after other ones around the states.

Kaysen says while some proponents of the ordinance point to economic savings and educational opportunities for kids, opponents have raised health concerns, such as feather allergies and salmonella.

“At the same time, folks are saying that salmonella is rare, that you should certainly wash your hands to prevent that, and chickens are probably no smellier, or not dirtier than other type of pets that could be found in a backyard.”

The Cheyenne chicken ordinance will see its third and final reading on April 25th at 6 p.m.