Powell Makerspace Working With Focus Groups To Revamp

Feb 16, 2021

Credit Powell Makerspace

Makerspaces have popped up all over the country. They are community centers that bring technology, innovation, creativity, resources and equipment to the community that otherwise they may not have access to.

Back in 2015, Powell Economic Partnership (PEP) joined forces with an individual to create the makerspace in town. It has a coworking space, a technology lab, a commercial kitchen and heavy machinery equipment.

Shaylee Hancock, treasury of the Powell Makerspace, said the makerspace has partnered with PEP again to help revitalize.

"We got 75 to 100 people through the building, asking them a series of questions, just to really get a pulse on what the community wanted the makerspace to be and what they could see themselves using the makerspace for," she said.

Hancock said the idea is to really move forward to a Makerspace 2.0 that serves the community as well as possible. So far the feedback so far shows there is something for most of the community to benefit from, like board meetings spaces and creative workshops.

Hancock said they are in the process of collecting and reviewing all the feedback and she hopes the space can be used by all of the Big Horn Basin and not just Powell.