Potential Dog Ordinance Could Help Feral Dog Issue On The Wind River Indian Reservation

Mar 8, 2021

Puppies found at the Fort Washakie dump by Lander Pet Connection. The shelter goes out multiple times a week to check for abandoned pets.
Credit Lander Pet Connection

This weekend, the Eastern Shoshone Tribal Council will discuss a proposed dog ordinance that would try to help control a feral dog problem on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

The ordinance would require rabies vaccinations, permits for dog breeding and other protections to keep people safe.

Darrel Lone Bear is the head of security at Northern Arapaho tribal housing. He said the problem is due to neglect.

"Some of these animals, dogs, get to the dump and they [the owners] dump them off. So you'll find these dogs that are just trying to survive and their starving."

Animal shelters in Fremont County can only help so much because they are near capacity. Lonebear said that the ordinance is the first step to try to get the issue under control.

The Northern Arapaho Business Council has already passed the ordinance.

According to Indian Health Service, dog bites have gone up in the last few years and so has the need for rabies shots for adults and children.