Plans For Economic Diversity Make Progress At Legislature

Feb 24, 2017

Representative Jim Allen
Credit State of Wyoming Legislature

On Thursday, the Wyoming House of Representatives Committee passed the first reading of a bill that would establish a council charged with studying and implementing a plan to diversify Wyoming’s economy. The bill would create the ENDOW Council (or Economically Needed Diversity Options for Wyoming Council).

Lander Representative Jim Allen proposed an amendment adding a tribal member to the council, which he said fits with the stated mission of the council.

“The members shall represent new and emerging economic sectors,” said Allen during discussion of the amendment. “I would argue that the reservation has a labor force, that it’s resource rich, and the opportunity for value added to either agricultural or mineral products exists there. And so for that reason I think that position would be a good one.” 

But Allen’s amendment to add a tribal member ended up failing. Meanwhile, an amendment adding language about the examination of state and local sustainability did successfully get adopted.

The bill moves on to further discussion in a second reading in the House.