Plan Would Help Modernize Devils Tower National Monument

Nov 15, 2018

Devils Tower National Monument. Creative Commons License.

A new environmental assessment by the National Park Service proposes improvements to the infrastructure surrounding Devils Tower National Monument. The plan would bring the visitors center and Tower Trail up to modern accessibility standards.

Joe Bruce is the acting Chief of Education and Interpretation at the monument. He said these updates would provide more than just wheelchair access.

"This includes also people with sensory issues, sight or hearing, cognitive disabilities, really the whole spectrum," Bruce said.

According to Bruce, the upgrades are also needed to accommodate the number of visitors they receive during busy summer months.

"Infrastructure upgrades were made throughout the 1930s and then others made in the 1950s. Beyond that, we haven't really had much infrastructure upgrading since then, but our visitation has gone through the roof by comparison," said Bruce.

The plan includes building an accessible segment of the Tower Trail with plazas and exhibits along the way. One option in the plan would also consider leaving the current infrastructure as-is without improvements.

The environmental assessment is available for public review and comment until December 16 at