A Picasso In Wyoming? Gallery Brings Big Name Art To Jackson

Aug 12, 2015

Presepio by Max Pellegrini
Credit Heather James Fine Art

A Jackson gallery is bringing museum-grade art to Wyoming. The Heather James Fine Art gallery in Jackson has a number of well-known pieces in its collection this summer, including pieces from Picasso and Warhol as well as Dalí and Matisse.

Gallery director Colleen Fitzgerald says art like this can be unexpected in small town Wyoming, as she learned two summers ago at a similar exhibition with pieces by Claude Monet.

“People would come in and just walk around a corner where they were and just stop in their tracks. They weren’t expecting at all to see that,” she says.

International dealers as well as private consignors contribute art to the gallery, so the gallery regularly has new pieces to display. Although the gallery’s purpose is to sell the art it houses, the gallery also draws in a lot of spectators.

“Lots of people say we almost act like a museum with our quality of work,” says Fitzgerald.

While Western art is generally the norm in Jackson, more galleries have started displaying contemporary art.  

“Quite a few other contemporary galleries have either popped up, or they were also here, but together we’ve all risen- you know- strength in numbers kind of thing,” says Fitzgerald.