Photographer Shares Adventures Around The Globe In New Exhibit

Oct 22, 2018

Photographer Tom Mangelsen may be most known for introducing the world to grizzly bear 399 but he hasn’t only photographed wildlife in the states. A new exhibit, Tom Mangelsen: A Life in the Wild showcases 40 of his most iconic works.

Many of his wildlife photos are Wyoming-centric, but in this new exhibit, Mangelsen chose photographs of landscapes and wildlife in all seven continents. He said he wants to share his experience with visitors.

“It’s my life in the wild. Places I’ve seen and places I’ve explored and adventures I’ve had.”

But to Mangelsen there is an even stronger message he hopes visitors experience: wildlife is in danger.

“I hope people not only go away with seeing the beauty of landscapes and our natural world but also protecting that which we still have.”

The photos include grizzlies, the bald eagle and many other iconic animals. The exhibit will travel to 16 museums around the nation and is currently on display at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson till May 5, 2019.