Pew Study shows more one party control of legislative bodies

Jun 13, 2013

A review of state legislative work shows that 37 states are led by one party, and that has led to changes in many state laws across country.  The report was published by Stateline, a news service of the Pew Charitable Trusts.  Editor Sandy Johnson says having majorities in legislative bodies helps pass a lot of legislation, from pro-marijuana laws in more Democratic States to loosening gun laws in more Republican states like Wyoming.  Johnson says that it’s led to other changes as well.

“States are moving ahead with immigration legislation while Washington is in gridlock.  On the tax front, what you are seeing on the Democratic side is they are spending public money to build roads, schools, parks, that kind of thing and creating construction jobs.  On the GOP led states they are cutting and cutting business tax,” says Johnson.

Johnson says many states have gone from being run by one party to another.  She says that’s led to changes in priorities for many states.