Peggy Rosentreter - Cheyenne WY

Feb 13, 2015

WPR is one of our strongest bastions of democracy. Those who can afford it, pay; those who can't or won't , don't; but all can listen free & all can benefit from this shared resource.

The programming speaks to the multiplicity of interests in Wyoming. By listening we are tapping into a wide diversity of subjects & ideas. We are more than a conservative "red state" as reflected by the support Wyoming citizens give to NPR. We receive the hard news from excellent reporters who deliver unbiased news. We can discover more with programming like "All Things Considered" & even when a reporter interviews a person with ideas that conflict with our own the reporter is always respectful & thanks them for their time.

WPR give us, especially in Cheyenne, a taste & flavor of Wyoming by first-hand accounts of oil fields, reservations, wild life & many others. Finally, WPR is an island of sanity in a seemingly insane world. Some stations hammer away at negative ideas all day long which doesn't seem sane to me, whereas WPR encompasses a wide range of interests from BBC news, Science Friday (my favorite), Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Click & Clack, Garrison Keillor, comedy, classical music to jazz to Irish to Western - all sounds to sooth & enjoy.  It's difficult to express art in radio but music is art & you satisfy that need.   

Personally, WPR gives me a window to a larger world & helps me to direct my inquiry.  Your station has given me a perspective that I felt I lost when I developed macular degeneration - to those of us who are nearly sightless or sightless WPR is truly a blessing.

Thank you & I truly do love WPR.