Pastor Admits To Shooting Himself

Aug 28, 2014

An investigation into the shooting of a Centennial pastor has concluded that the so called victim turned the gun on himself. According to Albany County Undersheriff Rob Debree says misdemeanor charges have been filed against 44 year old Dennis Lynn Davis for a false report.

Debree says that eight deputies were sent to investigate a burglary and shooting at the Centennial Valley Community Church on Tuesday evening. Davis says he was shot by a burglar during a struggle. He was airlifted to the hospital.  

The officers used a K-9 unit to conduct a thorough search of the area for a suspect.  When law enforcement officials were unable to find the suspect, they started asking harder questions. In the end, Davis admitted to shooting himself and faking the burglary. He blamed it on personal problems he’s been having. 

A total of 18 law enforcement officers, fire fighters and medical flight crew members were called to help on the scene. Albany County says it plans to have Davis reimburse the county for its costs.