Outdoor recreation is a big driver of Wyoming’s economy

Feb 18, 2013

A new report from the Outdoor Industry Association quantifies the economic benefits of outdoor recreation in all fifty states. The study looked at direct spending, jobs, salaries and tax revenue. 

Spokesperson Avery Stonich says the data demonstrates the value of outdoor recreation beyond the obvious – natural beauty and fun.

“Wyoming has a lot of really great recreation opportunities,” says Stonich, “this produces consumer spending to the tune of four and a half billion dollars every year that’s going directly into the state economy.”

Stonich says the study revealed that the industry creates 50,000 jobs in the state and contributes 300 million dollars in tax revenue every year to state and local governments. She hopes the study will encourage decision-makers to see outdoor recreation as a large and important part of the state economy.

“What we’re hoping to do with these state studies is equip people in their states to take this information to their government leaders and other decision makers in order to increase support for public lands and other areas where there are outdoor recreation experiences,” says Stonich.

The study evaluated all fifty states.