Orr, Surdam Raise Nearly 50 Thousand Dollars In Cheyenne Mayoral Bids

Nov 2, 2016

Marion Orr (left) and Amy Surdam (right).

Cheyenne’s two mayoral candidates have raised nearly $50,000 over the course of their campaigns, according to new filings with the Laramie County clerk's office. 

Amy Surdam, who is running on a platform of improving amenities in Cheyenne, raised more than $30,000, largely during the primary race. Of that, $3,500 came from political action committees, including the Cheyenne PAC, Federated Firefighters of Wyoming PAC and the Wyoming Realtors PAC.

Candidate Marian Orr, who has vowed to fix Cheyenne’s infrastructure, raised more than $18,000. Two-thirds of that came from individual donations. She did not receive any funds from political action committees.

The race is non-partisan, so neither candidate was affiliated with or received money from political parties.