Oil and gas could see new setback rules

Jan 16, 2014

Grant Black talks with an attendee of Wednesday's public meeting in Douglas.
Credit Willow Belden

The head of the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission says his agency will consider changing setback rules. Those are the rules that govern how far away oil and gas operations, such as wells, have to be from things like houses.

Grant Black spoke at a public meeting in Douglas last night. He says currently, the setback rule is the same, regardless of whether you’re dealing with a home or something else. But he says that could change.

“A setback may make sense at 350 feet for one thing, but maybe it should be 750 feet for others,” Black said. “So we take anything that can exist on the surface and say, ‘Are there better numbers or more appropriate distances that we should apply?’”

Black also said the Oil and Gas Commission will consider new bonding requirements. He says he hopes to have final decisions about new rules this year.