October 9th, 2020

Credit Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

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How Wyoming Hospitals Are Dealing With A Record Spike In COVID-19 Patients

This past week saw a record 56 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in Wyoming. This fact is making some health care professionals in the state nervous. Wyoming Public Radio's Kamila Kudelska looks at how one town's hospital is impacted by the spike of hospitalizations.

University Of Wyoming COVID-19 Testing Efforts May Be Missing People

Universities across the country have had to grapple with how to start the fall semester in the midst of a pandemic. One thing is clear, a successful in-person start relies on a strong COVID-19 testing program. Wyoming Public Radio's Ivy Engel tells us about the University of Wyoming's approach to testing and the fall semester.

Studying Yellowstone Tells Scientists About Geysers, Life

Scientists know there is a reservoir of water deep beneath Yellowstone National Park. Somehow, that water rises through the earth, creating the hydrothermal features that make Yellowstone unique. Researchers at the University of Wyoming and Montana State University are trying to figure out what's going on beneath the surface and what that means for life in the park and beyond. Wyoming Public Radio's Science Intern Ashley Piccone has more.

New Book Seeks To Dispel Misconceptions About Mountains Lions

Mountain lions are one of the great conservation stories. Hunting once whittled their numbers down to a few thousand. But when they were re-classified as a game instead of vermin, they made a big comeback. But it's also led to more conflicts with humans. A new book called the Cougar Conundrum offers ideas for how to live with these big predators...and how to better manage them. Wyoming Public Radio's Melodie Edwards chatted with author Mark Elbroch, the Director of Panthera's Puma project.

Pendley Looks To Set Record Straight Over Court Decision

Just recently, William Perry-Pendley held the power of director within the Bureau of Land Management. But a federal court in Montana found he had been holding that power illegally, given he wasn't Senate-confirmed. Wyoming Public Radio's Cooper McKim speaks with Wyoming-native Pendley about what happened, his efforts to return to his role, and what he's doing now.

Western Fires Have Become Part Of The Political Landscape

Every four years there's a near universal complaint that western issues get passed over in presidential elections. Not this year, which is mostly because large swaths of the West have been burning. Washington Correspondent Matt Laslo has this story on how Wyoming Senator John Barrasso's proposal to combat fires is gaining more currency…at least with the Trump administration.

Judges Are On The November Ballot. What Are You Voting For?

One thing I've see a lot on social media is how should you decide whether or not to support the retention of a judge? This year there are 28 judges up for retention. Wyoming Public Radio's Catherine Wheeler spoke with Executive Director of the Wyoming State Bar Sharon Wilkinson about how this process works.

Tips For Talking To The Conspiracy Theorist In Your Life

Here's a scenario you may have found yourself in recently. You open up Facebook or Twitter, and someone you know is posting about a conspiracy theory. You wonder, do I say something, and is there any convincing them otherwise? Wyoming Public Radio's Maggie Mullen went in search of some advice.

Award-Winning Podcast HumaNature Begins A New Season

The award-winning Wyoming Public Media podcast HumaNature podcast enters its sixth season this coming week. The podcast host and senior producer Erin Jones joins me to discuss the podcast and the coming season. She begins by telling us how the show came about.