October 4th, 2019

Credit Catherine Wheeler

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How Changes To Title X Are Affecting Wyoming's Family Planning Clinics

Title X is a federal program that’s geared towards helping low-income or uninsured people receive family planning and reproductive health care. Though, new regulations have some clinics rethinking their participation in the program. Wyoming Public Radio’s Catherine Wheeler reports on how the changes to Title Ten will affect the state’s clinics. 

BLM Move Pushes Forward Amid Controversy, Congressional Opposition

The Bureau of Land Management is moving more staff--and perhaps most significantly--its headquarters to the Mountain West. Depending on who you talk to, this will either make the BLM more efficient, or give preferential treatment to the fossil fuel industry. Noah Glick reports.

"They Knew They Were Free": Remembering African American History In The West

African American history in the American West goes back hundreds of years. But not a lot of that history made it into the history books and many stories are at risk of getting lost in time. A museum in Denver is working to salvage them before that happens. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards sat down with the Black American West Museum’s re-enactor guild when they came to Laramie’s Higher Ground Fair. She asked about the characters they portrayed in costume on stage at the fair.  

"There's A Heartbeat To Wind River That People Don't Know About"

Around 60-percent of 18-24 year olds leave the state each year. So Wyoming Public Radio has turned the microphone over to young people to talk about what’s behind their decisions to stay or go. 

Gabby St. Clair and Angelo Sage both went to high school in predominantly white towns bordering the Wind River Reservation. Now, they say the love and support of their tribal communities helps them succeed at Central Wyoming College, and pulls them to stay here in Wyoming. 

Researcher Wins Prize To Envision How Yellowstone Landscapes Will Look Like In The Future

What will the future forests of Yellowstone National Park look like? That’s what Dr. Monica Turner of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is trying to figure out by creating models for possible ways the Yellowstone ecosystem could react to hotter and dryer weather. Dr. Turner was awarded the Camp Monaco Prize to do just that and then use those scenarios to create pictures of potential future landscape. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska asks Dr. Turner how the model can project the future landscape of Yellowstone.

'A Blue Collar Ethic of Writing:' Craig Johnson Celebrates His Fifteenth Book

Bestselling author Craig Johnson has just published his fifteenth book. It’s called Land of Wolves. The book continues the adventures of Walt Longmire, a sheriff who solves mysteries in a fictional rural Wyoming county. Wyoming Public Radio’s Erin Jones spoke with Johnson about how he used to be a teacher before he turned to writing.