October 27th, 2017

Credit Bob Beck

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CREG Report Could Reduce Budget Cuts

Wyoming’s revenue forecasting arm known as the Consensus Revenue Estimating Group or CREG had some good news for state officials. CREG says Wyoming’s general fund will see an increase of $141 million from January projections. Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck reports that state lawmakers and the governor say it’s good news, not great news.

DOI Leaked Strategic Plan Re-Affirms Energy Priorities

A draft of the Interior Department’s five-year strategic plan has been leaked. The 50-page document draws a road map for the federal agency to prioritize energy dominance, with few mentions of conservation and no mention of climate change — both departures from the last strategic plan. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim speaks to Jesse Prentice-Dunn — advocacy director to the Center for Western Priorities, a conservation non-profit — about what else stands out in the five-year plan. 

Wyoming's Delegation Pushes Hard To Reform The Tax Code

Wyoming’s lawmakers in the nation’s capital are trying to help their party deliver on its promise to overhaul the nation’s tax code. Correspondent Matt Laslo reports from Washington that the effort is testing party unity and is far from certain. 

UW Launches Mentoring Program For Female Engineers

Women engineers face a lot of challenges, some of which begin as early as their college education, where they are highly outnumbered by their male peers in the classroom. To address this disparity, the University of Wyoming has launched a new mentoring program, that pairs female engineering undergraduates with female alumni working in the field. Wyoming Public Radio’s Maggie Mullen spoke with Teddi Freedman, a senior coordinator for UW’s College of Engineering that is heading up the new program. 

Photographer Captures The Yellowstone Migration

It’s only been in the last few years that scientists have realized that pronghorn, elk and mule deer are migrating rugged terrain over hundreds of miles to reach the best grazing around Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. It’s almost impossible to conceive what these animals endure on those journeys. But that’s what wildlife photographer Joe Riis set out to document through pictures. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards talked to him about his new book, Yellowstone Migrations…and how he got into photography in the first place. 

Sexual Assault Survivor Wishes UW Paid Attention

The #metoo started flooding social media following the news about Harvey Weinstein. But the campaign has extended beyond women in Hollywood -- inspiring millions of people to speak out about their experiences with sexual harassment and assault. In our ongoing series about campus sexual misconduct, education reporter Tennessee Watson takes a look at what happens when students come forward at the University of Wyoming.

Upgrade Hopes To Make Firearms Museum Bigger And Better

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West is in the midst of a major upgrade of the Cody Firearms Museum. The Museum’s Robert W. Woodruff curator Ashley Hlebinsky says it’s more than just a western firearms museum.  

Former Coroner Reflects On Working Through Death In Wyoming

It's almost Halloween. Plastic tombstones and dancing skeletons are everywhere you look. But how does Wyoming handle actual death? Wyoming Public Radio's Annie Osburn spoke with someone whose job it was to be in presence of the dead.  

Spirits In The Closet

Birgit Burke has lived in a number of old houses in Laramie, but in this story produced by Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard, she tells of one experience in particular that has stuck with her.

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