October 20th, 2017

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Barrasso Is Set To Continue The Clean Power Plan Fight

The Trump administration’s announcement that it’s rolling back the Obama-era Clean Power Plan is being greeted with glee by energy state lawmakers. But Matt Laslo reports from Washington that the effort is already facing court challenges and it could take years to resolve.

Another Court Agrees, Coal Companies Must Consider Climate Change

Applications for four coal leases in the Powder River Basin will now have to go back to the drawing board. A recent court decision says those leases neglected to properly take climate change into account when listing all the possible environmental impacts. The decision could have widespread consequences for energy development on federal land in the West. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports.  

Conservation Official Is Optimistic About Forest Fire Reforms

It’s been quite a year for major forest fires, in fact it’s been a major few years. The fires are impacting wildlife and communities. The issues range from climate change to poor forest management due to the lack of proper funding. National Wildlife Federation President and CEO Collin O’Mara recently testified on the issue before Congress. He tells Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck that he’s optimistic that members of Congress are interested in finding a solution. 

It's Open Enrollment Time For Medicare

It’s open enrollment time for Medicare recipients. This is when you should review your drug coverage and sign up for a plan. Kelly Wicks is the Wyoming State Health Insurance Information program manager. She helps people review their coverage and she tells Bob Beck it’s not uncommon for people to need to switch plans. 

DACA Students Ineligible For Hathaway Scholarship

When lawmakers created the Hathaway Scholarship in 2005, it was meant to encourage all Wyoming high school students to go to college by making it easier to afford. However, there is one group of Wyoming students that will never qualify for the Hathaway Scholarship--those without U.S. citizenship. Wyoming Public Radio’s Maggie Mullen has more.   

New Study Pits Laramie Raccoons Against An Ancient Greek Fable

A study done by the University of Wyoming Raccoon Project was recently published in the journal Animal Cognition, and tests how well raccoons can figure out a problem posed in an ancient Greek story. Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard spoke with the researcher spearheading the study, PhD candidate Lauren Stanton, who says the fable they tested centers around a thirsty crow.

Archeologists Race To Find Artifacts Melting Out Of Mountain Ice Fields

The warming climate isn't just melting glaciers. It's also melting away permanent ice patches in the highest mountains. Trapped safely inside that ice are artifacts of people who lived at these high elevations for thousands of years. Now those incredibly fragile artifacts are melting out. Wyoming Public Radio's Melodie Edwards joined one archaeologist racing time to learn what he can about these prehistoric alpine peoples before all the clues are gone.

UW’s Pi Beta Phi House Housed Fraternity Sisters…And Some Unexpected Guests

As we head deeper into October, the nights get longer, a chill fills the air, and the time is right for telling scary stories. In this story produced by Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard we’ll hear from one woman who lived in the Pi Beta Phi women’s fraternity house on UW’s campus – but she and her sisters weren’t the only residents.

If you want more spooky stories like this, a special Halloween episode of Wyoming Public Media’s HumaNature comes out October 25th.