November 9th, 2018

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Grizzly-Hunter Conflicts Raise Questions Over Bear's Management

This time of year, is hunting season in Wyoming - and the state is known for its prime elk hunting. But after a series of conflicts with Grizzly bears, outfitters and guides say there needs to be better grizzly management in the state. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska reports.

In The Colorado River, These Little Suckers Are Making A Comeback

Fish in the Colorado River have evolved over millions of years to withstand harsh conditions. The rushing, turbid water sculpted their bodies, making them well-equipped to handle its highs and lows. But human interference has caused a few species to nearly go extinct. Luke Runyon has more on the decades-long effort to boost their populations.

School Accountability: One District's Path To Progress

Earlier this month the Wyoming Department of Education released its most recent set of school performance reports. Just over half of Wyoming’s schools are meeting and exceeding expectations. But close to a quarter are only partially meeting expectations and the other quarter are not at all. The WDE says determining who’s on target and who’s behind is a tool to help schools. Wyoming Public Radio’s education reporter Tennessee Watson takes a deeper look into one district to see how. 

"Matthew Shepard Is Part Of Our Tribe" The Two Spirit Movement On Wind River Reservation

When Matthew Shepard was murdered for being gay 20 years ago, it sent a wave of fear throughout Wyoming’s LGBTQ community… including the one on the Wind River Reservation. But as Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards found out, it also led to more gay, lesbian and transgender tribal members stepping up to make change.

Rep. Cheney Discusses Discourse And The New Congress

Wyoming U.S. Representative Liz Cheney admits that Tuesday was a bittersweet night for her. While she says she's delighted to represent Wyoming for two more years, she's disappointed it will be as a member of the minority party. Cheney predicts rough sledding for Republicans as Democrats likely try to put themselves in position to win back the Presidency in two years.

In an effort to keep Wyoming issues on the forefront, Representative Cheney is seeking the number three leadership position among House Republicans. One thing that Cheney says needs to change is discourse that is leading to violent acts. She spoke about that and other topics with Bob Beck.

Oil And Gas Surges In Wyoming, Not Only Due To Trump

Wyoming is on the verge of a boom in oil and gas. Better technology, higher oil prices, and Trump administration policies have helped make the western state a contender for the next big play in the U.S. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports. 

Wyoming Obesity Is On The Rise

There are mixed reviews about obesity in the Cowboy state. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that Wyoming's adult obesity rate ranks 34th in the nation, but its childhood obesity rate seems to be improving. Albert Lang who worked on The State of Obesity report tells Bob Beck that while there are clearly some improvements, it's a concern.

TV Show On Civility In America Makes Its First Stop In Wyoming

A film company recently toured Wyoming, stopping in Jackson, Moorcroft and Cheyenne, screening a pilot of a TV show on civil discourse. Each episode of "High Noon in America" will visit a new state and pair people on opposing sides of the political spectrum to get them talking.

Filmmaker Bobbi Birleffi grew up in Cheyenne and went on to form TV Gals Media with Co-Producer Beverly Kopf. For their first episode, they brought together Wyoming Lawmaker Tyler Lindholm with Teton County Commissioner Natalia Macker. They also paired up former U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis with UW law professor Jackie Bridgeman. They're currently circulating "High Noon in America" with film companies like Showtime and PBS and hope to see it picked up in coming months.

Wyoming Public Radio's Melodie Edwards sat down Jackie Bridgeman and both filmmakers as part of our series, "I Respectfully Disagree."

Nationally-Recognized Artist Has Hometown Show In Sheridan

Tim Lawson is a nationally recognized painter. He grew up in Sheridan and has recently moved back, after living all over the U.S. Now, his hometown is celebrating his work with a show at SAGE Community Arts. The exhibition runs through January 2. On Thursday, November 15, Lawson will give an artist talk at the WYO Theatre, followed by a reception at SAGE. Wyoming Public Radio's Erin Jones spoke with Lawson.