November 6th, 2020

Credit Erin Jones

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Wyoming's Black Pioneer Community That Disappeared

When you think of pioneers, you might imagine Little House on the Prairie. Or the Oregon Trail game we all played in the nineties. One thing these popular depictions of pioneers have in common is they're White. But pioneers weren't all White, and historians argue it's important to set the record straight.

Reconstruction Of Chinese History In Wyoming: A Work-In-Progress

There were once multiple Chinatowns in the state, and a significant local population contributing to the transcontinental railroad, ranching, and entrepreneurship. But that history has been largely erased. Wyoming Public Radio's Cooper McKim reports.

Does Race Matter In Wyoming?

Wyoming is majority White, but the state is more diverse than people think. The Wyoming Community Foundation says that misconception allows for racism and racial disparities to go unchecked. It's a problem the foundation explored in a report titled: "Does Race Matter In Wyoming?" Wyoming Public Radio's Tennessee Watson sat down with the foundation's chief operating officer Samin Dadelahi to learn more.

COVID-19 Highlights Gap In Access To Services To Immigrant Populations In Teton County

When the pandemic hit early spring, nonprofits in Teton County realized that important information could be lost in translation. That's because there's a large Latino, Eastern European and some to some extent Vietnamese population in the valley. So they got together and figured out how to get their resources to immigrant communities. Wyoming Public Radio's Kamila Kudelska has more.

Wyoming Remains The Only State To Not Participate In Refugee Resettlement

Since 1980, more than three million refugees from around the world have resettled in the United States. Wyoming is the only state in the country to not participate in a refugee resettlement program, meaning those seeking a new home cannot be directly settled in the state's borders. Wyoming Public Radio's Catherine Wheeler spoke with University of Wyoming Assistant Law Professor Jerry Fowler, who is also the supervisor of the UW Law School's International Human Rights Clinic, about the impact this can have on our state.

Race, Public Lands And The Debate Over Geotagging

Public land popularity has been increasing for years with geotagging playing a significant role -- that's posting a photo on social media with the geographical information included. That trend and the subsequent crowds created a geotagging backlash. But as Wyoming Public Radio's Maggie Mullen reports the conversation around geotagging is changing.

An Audio Postcard: The Journey To Get Basic Cultural Amenities

For people of color and immigrants living in Wyoming, getting a haircut, shopping for groceries, or celebrating holidays can be difficult. Wyoming Public Radio's Naina Rao has been making trips between Laramie, Wyoming, and Denver, Colorado to get the basic cultural amenities she needs for her lifestyle. She takes us on her journey in this audio postcard.


University Of Wyoming Says It Values Diversity But What Is It Doing?

Part of the University of Wyoming's mission is to value and nurture diversity. But that's hard to do when the university struggles to attract and retain faculty and administrators of color. Wyoming Public Radio's Tennessee Watson has more.