November 1st, 2019

Credit Catherine Wheeler

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Cheney And Barrasso Oppose Trump's Plan For Syria

This week Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney rebuked President Trump’s strategy - or lack there of - in Syria. And she’s not alone, as Correspondent Matt Laslo reports from Washington.

Sheridan's Special Election Asks Residents To Consider New City Administrator Ordinance

For years, Sheridan has debated whether or not it should employ a city administrator to handle day-to-day operations for the city. In July, the City Council passed an ordinance that updates a previous law that established the job. That new law has been challenged by a citizen petition, bringing the city to a special election on the topic. Wyoming Public Radio's Bob Beck spoke with Northeast reporter Catherine Wheeler to learn more about the election.

New UW Plan Aims To Protect Progress On Native Advocacy Efforts On Campus

A committee at the University of Wyoming has been quietly toiling to finish a plan that would help Native American students feel more welcome and supported on campus. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards reports, committee members feel it’s coming just in the nick of time since the university is getting ready to hire a new president.

"The Arapaho Way" Documents Contemporary History Of The Wind River Reservation

Lander writer and photographer Sara Wiles has been spending time with families on the Wind River Reservation, and taking their pictures, since she started a job as a social worker there in the 1970's. Her latest book, The Arapaho Way: Continuity and Change on the Wind River Reservation, is a culmination of those 40 plus year relationships. Through essays and photographs, it documents the contemporary history of the Wind River.

Wyoming Public Radio's tribal affairs reporter Savannah Maher sat down with Wiles to talk about the book, which is out this week.

Why Do We Gather Wild Horses?

The acting director of the Bureau of Land Management says the overpopulation of wild horses is the biggest challenge in managing public lands. William Perry Pendley says the BLM needs to increase the number of wild horses it removes from public lands by about 61,000. But their method of doing this is controversial. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska takes us to one of those gathers.

Mountain West Faring Well Amid Trade War Concerns

Farmers across the country are feeling the backlash of the trade war with China. And while there have been recent steps towards resolving that, the national farm economy hasn’t fared well. But as the Mountain West News Bureau’s Madelyn Beck found, our region is an exception.

How Grizzly Management Is Changing As Their Population Expands

Grizzly bears of the Yellowstone ecosystem are again protected by the Endangered Species Act. That means Wyoming Game and Fish manages the bears as normal but the final decision has be ok’ed by the U-S Fish and wildlife service. Fall is usually the time of the year the most human-bear conflicts occurs because recreationists are out and bears are getting ready to hibernate. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska speaks with Dan Thompson, the department’s large carnivore supervisor, about how grizzly management is changing as the grizzly population footprint is expanding.

Old School Surgery Is Discussed In "The Butchering Art"

There was a time when surgeries were a spectacle and one of the most unsanitary events you’ve ever see. That’s until a Doctor named Joseph Lister changed their ways. Author Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris came to the University of Wyoming this week to discuss her award winning and gory book The Butchering Art. 

StoryCorps: Learning To Heal By Confronting Sexual Assult In Jackson

When StoryCorps came to Jackson last summer, Sarah Ross sat down with her mother, Alexandra Fuller, to discuss an article she wrote in the Jackson paper about her teenage experience with sexual assault.