Northwest College Requires Masks As Part Of Fall Reopening Plan

Jul 10, 2020

Credit Northwest College

Northwest College in Powell will reopen it's campus for fall semester with some modifications due to COVID-19. Students will be welcomed back with options to take online and in-person classes. 

President Stefani Hicswa said the college is trying to figure out how some more hands-on classes can offer online instruction or social distancing in person. 

"Some classes lend themselves better to online experience than others," she said. "We're trying to figure out that balance of online and face to face right now."

Hicswa said all students, faculty and visitors on campus are required to wear face masks. She said she recognizes some community members may not be happy with that rule. 

"Our population is different from the K-12 population, in that students are coming in from all over the country and we have a robust international program."

She said she's not sure how many international students will be coming back but she is hopeful that a handful will. 

When students return to campus, they will be required to take a training on the COVID-19 regulations and learn of the potential consequences of violating the new rules.

Hicswa said the current plan is to keep all athletics for the fall semester.

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