Northern Wyoming Community College District's Enrollment Up

Sep 19, 2019

Credit Northern Wyoming Community College District

In the 2018-2019 school year, the Northern Wyoming Community College District (NWCCD) served 6,373 students—the most out of any community college district in the state. The district is made up of Sheridan College, Gillette College and its extension in Johnson County.

According to the district's new enrollment update, dual and concurrent enrollment for high school students who take classes at the colleges also rose just under 5 percent during the previous school year.

Now, NWCCD's enrollment is up by 7 percent this fall after slightly dipping in 2018, said the district's Vice President of Student Affairs Leah Barrett.

"The total head count for between fall '18 and fall '19 is up just over 7 percent. Right now, the number of people we're serving is 2,685," she said.

Most of the growth is at Gillette College.

Barrett said the growth at Gillette campus is mostly from students who will want to transfer after completing community college.

"So psychology, sociology, our general studies major is our most popular major as students are exploring their opportunities here in the district before transferring to a four-year institution," she said.

Barrett said this year's enrollment numbers will likely grow since the district enrolls students throughout the year, including high school students.

Officials say they will be looking into more opportunities to reach students who may be older or have work or family responsibilities with offerings like evening class times.

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