Non-Hunters Plan To Boycott Grizzly Bear Hunting Lottery

Jun 27, 2018

Some wildlife activists see the grizzly bear hunting lottery as an opportunity to have a voice in Wyoming’s wildlife management. Opponents of this coming fall’s historic grizzly hunt say if they apply for and receive a tag, they won’t use it to hunt the bear, giving the animal that ten extra days to live. The grizzly bear hunt allows one hunter in the Yellowstone region at a time, each with a ten-day limit.

Lisa Robertson, a Jackson resident, and wildlife activist, said doing this will help raise awareness and start a conversation about the need to modernize management.

“It’s not saying we stop hunting. It’s just saying we want larger numbers of wildlife on the landscape instead of minimum numbers. We want the recreational opportunities to include people that are wildlife watchers,” said Robertson.   

Robertson said people like her want to go out in the field and see the grizzly bear.  

“We actually want to pay to have a voice and to shoot with a camera not with a gun. And we think that's just a credible as any other option out there,” said Robertson.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s grizzly bear hunting lottery opens between July 2 and 16.