New Wild Horse Sanctuary Proposed In Lander

Jun 19, 2014

A wild horse sanctuary has been proposed on a 900-acre ranch outside Lander with hopes of providing a haven for as many as 250 horses.  Bureau of Land Management spokesman Sarah Beckwith says the agency would pay the sanctuary, just as it does private landowners in the mid-West who adopt horses. The perk is that sanctuaries provide an opportunity for education.

“They have long term plans which would include a learning center, tours of the eco-sanctuary, a gift shop, a campground.  And they also hope to partner with local tribes on the learning center which would deal with Native American culture and the role of the horse.”

Beckwith says the Bureau of Land Management is now taking public comment on the proposed ranch.  She says the BLM hopes for more sanctuaries like it as a possible long-term solution.  The state currently has only one other sanctuary—the Deerwood Ranch outside Laramie.