A New Way To Learn

Aug 29, 2016

Children participating at the Cheyenne Kaleidoscope preschool.

A new approach to preschool education has appeared in Wyoming, this one involving classical music and yoga mats. The Kaleidoscope Preschool Systems (KPS) will teach classes by integrating music and arts with more traditional lessons. KPS Education Director Patti Whetstone says, it's an attempt to teach children in a way that inspires creativity and a new way of thinking.

"It's an exciting adventure for all of us. The students and interacting and engaged, they're moving and singing and dancing and using instruments, and I think that's wonderful," said Whetstone.

The first Kaleidoscope preschool opened in Cheyenne last week with a second one due to open in Laramie next week. Whetstone says she considers the creative and performing arts a vital part of education and looks forward to the future of these schools and their students. More information is available at www.kps-arts.org.