New Voices Drive Discussion At UW's MLK Days Of Dialogue

Feb 2, 2016

The Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Days of Dialogue takes place this week at the University of Wyoming. The week-long event features a march, a movie panel, and numerous presentations and discussions.

Organizer Ryan McGarry says this year, there has been a change in who is driving the conversations. "One of the things I am most proud of is the extent to which student voices being showcased but also given space to drive the conversation, and I think it’s a fantastic week of programming because of the level of student involvement," she says.

Every year, the MLK Days of Dialogue explores diversity issues while building a sense of community. Robert West is another one of the organizers. He says year's event will also be exploring feminist issues. "We’ve never really focused on feminist framework here through MLK DOD, at least not in the past three or four years."

Days of Dialogue will continue through Saturday, February 6 with events held each day. A full schedule can be seen here.