New Rule For Renewable Energy Development On Public Lands

Nov 11, 2016

Credit Public Domain

A new rule from the U.S. Department of Interior is aimed to spur renewable energy development in areas that have ample wind and solar resources as well as low conflict with wildlife. With the new rule, 700,000 acres of public lands could be used for renewable energy development through a competitive leasing process. 

Alex Daue is the Assistant Director of Energy and Climate for the Wilderness Society. He said public lands should be part of the solution to climate change. 

Daue said there has been strong support for the rule from both Republicans and Democrats in Congress, so he doesn’t expect President elect Trump to block it.

“We think the broad support for this rule, and the fact that it will ensure that renewable energy development happens in a responsible way, will help to ensure that it is carried forward,” said Daue.

Daue said he hopes the rule will help best practices for renewable energy become standard across the West.