New Poll Reveals Public Opinion On Big Game Conservation

Jul 15, 2019

Wyoming is home to one of the longest mule deer migration routes in the world.
Credit Joe Riis

Results of a recent poll show Wyomingites overwhelming favor protecting the state's wildlife, but support also varies between policies related to conservation.

The University of Wyoming's Ruckelshaus Institute and Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources distributed the poll to 400 registered voters and an online focus group of 20, and included questions concerning threats to big game migration and gauged reactions to proposed solutions.

"Wyomingites value wildlife, and that is reflected in the survey results," said Nicole Gautier, a Haub School research scientist. Wildlife crossings received some of the highest levels of support, and Gautier said, "That gets at that it's a win-win for wildlife and for human health and safety."

The policies that received the least amount of support were those that were perceived to negatively impact the economy, such as limiting drilling during migration, and those that suggested taxes. Gautier said these polls were also a part of a larger study looking at nation-wide public attitudes about conservation and the environment. Poll results are available for anyone interested in learning more and can be found on the Ruckelshaus Institute website.