New party chair optimistic about revitalizing Democrats

Apr 26, 2013

The new chairman of the Wyoming Democratic Party says he hopes that one day the state legislature will be controlled by Democrats.

Pete Gosar says the party has an image problem in Wyoming, and he wants to change that. Gosar says if people better understand liberal ideals, more Democrats will be elected.

“We’re going to improve, and we’re going to become more organized,” Gosar said. “And we’re going to try to change the idea that Democrats are from someplace else and that they only occupy one corner of this state. … There’s plenty of Democrats out there, and they’re your neighbors, and for too long they’ve been quiet. But we’re going to start waking up, I think.”

Gosar says he wants Democrats around the state to do concrete things to improve their communities, such as helping out at soup kitchens, so that people will start to see Democrats as helpers and problem solvers.