New Food Safety Rules continue to be debated

Jul 10, 2012

The Wyoming Department of Agriculture’s Consumer Health Services Section is proposing new amendments to the Wyoming Food Safety Rule.

The changes outline rules for egg producers wanting to sell their eggs to restaurants, make more stringent the rules for processed cut leafy greens such as packaged salads, and limit consumption of raw milk to sole owners of the producing cows, their families, and unpaying guests.

Dean Finkenbinder is the manager of Consumer Health Services and he says the goal is get Wyoming in line with federal food safety guidelines.

"It’s about every 4 years that the Food and Drug Administration comes out with an updated food code. Their last one was in 2009. And so what we’ve been trying to do is update our food rule to the 2009 food code, and that provides the latest scientific information on food safety. And so we try and keep up with that."

There’s been concern from producers that the new rules would limit their sales potential, but Finkenbinder says if the rule matches F-D-A regulations, it will actually help expand opportunities for those wishing to sell to restaurants. The last public meeting on the issue will be Wednesday morning at ten in Casper.  A formal public hearing is scheduled forAugust 22nd.