New Evidence In Grand Teton Moose Death

Oct 8, 2014

A National Park Service report about a moose death in Gros Ventre Campground last month is facing some criticism from campers and photographers who were at the scene. The original Park Service report says crowding photographers were the main cause for the Bull Moose charging.

Anna Sullivan is a professional photographer who took several photos and videos of the scene showing that, actually there was no one directly around the moose. Sullivan says her video shows a passing diesel truck was more likely to have spooked the moose.  

"The photographers were all very quiet" says Sullivan. "There isn’t screaming going on, there’s barely any talking going on so that’s why when the truck came by and it really was kind of loud, it was a loud diesel. That if anything, it was that."

The National Park Service says it acknowledges the new information and has changed their official story, now citing a variety of factors in the bull moose's charging.

More of Anna's story and her photographs can be found at Jackson Hole Wildlife Safari's website.