New Children's Book Tell's Story Of Cheyenne K-9 Unit

Jun 5, 2017

Credit Karen Cotton

A new children’s book tells the story of the Cheyenne sheriff department’s K-9 unit. K-9 & Deputy Heroes of the Laramie County Sheriff’s Department focuses on the law enforcement agency's dogs and their handlers.

To write the book, author Karen Cotton partnered with deputies and sergeants in Cheyenne during trainings and a ride-along. Cotton said one of the reasons she wrote a non-fiction book for kids about a K-9 Unit is to show them the dogs aren’t as scary as they may seem.

“And I guess people should take away from the book how heroic these dogs and handlers are because they are putting themselves into pretty dangerous situations most of the time and they do a lot to save people,” Cotton said.

The Laramie County K-9 Unit currently has four dogs. Cotton said it’s in the process of acquiring a fifth dog. Although the book is written for kids, Cotton said there’s a lot for adults to learn, too.

“You know, one of the things people don’t know is their vehicles have special air conditioning and food dish and all kinds of stuff for the dogs in the back,” Cotton said. “They’re in the back of the truck and sometimes they don’t always come out with the officer, but when the officer needs them all they’ve got to do is push a button and the dog will jump out and do its thing.”

Cotton will hold a book signing Tuesday, June 6 at the Laramie County Library in Cheyenne. The event will also feature demonstrations by the Laramie County K-9 Unit.