New Campaign Tells Candidates That Land Conservation Is A Non-Partisan Issue

Jul 25, 2014


The Center for Western Priorities has started a new campaign to show political candidates how important land conservation is to voters.

The campaign is called “Winning the West” and includes paid advertisements, a website, and a series of public events across several western states.

Greg Zimmerman is the policy director at the Center. He says the campaign was started after a Colorado College poll showed that voters across the political spectrum voted for candidates who support land conservation.

Zimmerman says this sentiment is not limited to Colorado voters. “That’s in Wyoming also, where the poll found that 62% of voters are more likely to support a candidate who backs protections for public lands, while only 17% of voters disagree,” he explains.

The campaign hopes to inform elected officials and candidates that protecting public parks, monuments, and resources is not a partisan issue, and that voters on the left and right are looking for balance when it comes to land use.