New Board Pushes For LGBT Workplace Protections In Wyoming

Jan 22, 2015

A board of former politicians, business leaders, and law enforcement is looking to push for employment protections for LGBT people in Wyoming.

Currently the state has no workplace protections for LGBT people, which means workers can be fired simply for being gay.

Former U.S. Senator Al Simpson is a member of the new board, put together by the advocacy group Compete Wyoming. He says he wants to emphasize this is not about gay marriage. 

"And again if somebody brings up the issue of religion and churches, that’s a nice shunt but that won’t work because they’re exempt as they are already under our laws. There’s no money involved in it. And it’s going to bring employees to our state that are ready to pull their share and do their job and make Wyoming flourish," says Simpson.

The board plans to advocate for a workplace protections bill before the state legislature this session.