New Athletic Center Proposed For UW

Dec 5, 2014

UW Athletic Director Tom Burman
Credit Bob Beck / WPM

Governor Matt Mead has proposed a new athletic training center for the University of Wyoming. The facility would cost forty million dollars and would be funded equally by the legislature and private donors.

Tom Burman is the Director of Athletics at U-W and says the facility would serve athletes from all U-W sports-teams. He also says it could attract business from Olympic-level athletes.

We're building this to make our student athletes better.

  “They stay in the hotel, they eat meals and there are rental fees to use the facility," says Burman. "We don’t just give our UW facilities to anyone so there would be a rental for anybody to use it. We don’t know how much that will drive, that shouldn’t be the focus of why we’re building this. We’re building this to make our student athletes better.”

The facility would first have to be approved by the legislature before construction could begin.