National Museum Of Military Vehicles Located In Dubois

Dec 11, 2020

Credit National Museum of Military Vehicles

The National Museum of Military Vehicles started out as a personal collection. But the owner and founder of the museum Dan Starks said there was a lot of interest in viewing his collection.

"The word of mouth spread, people asked to come see this small collection. And the response to the collection was just so phenomenal and so consistent," said Starks.

So he decided to build a museum right along Highway 26. It opened its doors in August. Starks said they've had more than 10,000 visitors. He said the idea, also, partly came about as a way to get more tourists to stop in Dubois.

"If I put six tanks right by the side of the road, even if people don't know anything about us when they drive by they're going to get a little bit of whiplash," said Starks. "They're going to do a U turn, they're going to stop and so and then there will be an economic benefit to the surrounding community."

Starks said so far visitors have been affected emotionally by the exhibit.

"We get people coming through really with tears, we get people that their conversation gets broken up as they get choked up," he said. "We get veterans who are touring through and they'll say, 'Oh, you got to give me a minute', you need to pause. They're really touched."

For Starks, the more than 450 military vehicles showcase the history of American freedom.