National Girls Mentoring Mountain Bike Program Coming To Cody

Feb 11, 2020

Bikes Under Big Skies at Beck Lake Mountain Biking Area!
Credit Nancy Patterson, Outdoor Recreation Planner, BLM Wyoming

Girls who want to learn how to mountain bike in Cody will soon have the space to do that. This summer, Cody will be the first community in Wyoming to have a mountain biking organization dedicated to young women. Little Bellas is a national mountain biking organization with the goal to empower women through cycling.

Nyla Hurley is the Cody Little Bellas chapter lead. She said this was something that she and some other women thought would create a community for girls in Cody.

"A lot of us didn't find mountain biking or have that female friendship when we were growing up and we just kind of want it for our community. We wanted something just for the girls to have that was all their own," said Hurley.

Little Bellas is a mountain biking program but it is also a mentoring program. The idea is it creates space where girls can learn mountain biking while building their self confidence and self-esteem.

"I think it really comes down to building self-confidence, you know, female friendship, learning to master a skill, overcoming obstacles, developing friendships, and the importance of food and fuel," she said.

Registration is currently open to girls ages seven to thirteen.

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