National Geographic's Mark Jenkins To Bring World To Wyoming

Feb 24, 2016

Jenkins takes a selfie on his way up Hkakabo Razi.
Credit Mark Jenkins

This week, National Geographic adventure writer Mark Jenkins embarks on what he calls his World-to-Wyoming Tour. Every year, he visits the state’s community colleges and talks about his latest expedition. This year he says he’ll tell a bittersweet story about twice failing to climb the highest peak in Burma. But he says, he won’t just be telling stories.

“It’s a slide show,” he says. “I mean, this was a National Geographic story that came out in the September issue of 2015 about attempting to climb the highest peak in Burma. Stunning pictures, National Geographic photography. You will be entertained, guaranteed.”

The tour starts in Jenkin’s hometown of Laramie this Friday at 7 p.m. at the University of Wyoming’s Education Auditorium. From there he’ll visit several communities in the northern parts of the state including Gillette, Sheridan, Powell, Cody and Jackson. He’ll wrap up his tour next fall, visiting several communities around the southern half of the state.