NAEP Scores A Mixed Bag

Nov 1, 2019

Credit Wyoming Department of Education

Wyoming saw some up and down results with the annual National Assessment of Educational Progress or NAEP scores.

Known as the Nation's Report Card it shows how Wyoming 4th and 8th graders are doing compared to the rest of the nation in reading and math. Wyoming did see a higher score in 4th grade math, but saw minor declines in 8th grade reading and math, as well as 4th grade reading.

Wyoming Superintendent Jillian Balow said that despite those declines the state ranks well above other states.

"We always like to see gains with our students, but we also know that we're pretty far out in front with our NAEP scores and we have been historically," noted Balow.

In fact Wyoming ranked ahead of the national average in all categories and performed better than most neighboring states. The NAEP test is administered every two years.

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