Museum Minute: Documenting Current Trends In Firearms

Oct 29, 2020

Credit Cody Firearms Museum

The latest Cody Firearms acquisition is a set of 3D printed firearms. Danny Michael, the associate curator of the museum, said one of them made national news at one point. 

“You might be familiar with the Liberator pistol that caused quite a stir a few years ago and became probably the most well known of 3D printed firearms designs,” said Michael. “But there's also two that are part 3D printed, part existing design and one is a 3D printed Glock pistol, and a 3D printed AR 15 lower.” 

Michael said as a collection of firearms, it’s important for them to document current innovations. 

“A lot of manufacturers are looking at 3D printing technology as maybe the next revolution in firearms manufacturing, and we thought that was important to document,” he said.