Murph Challenge Recognizes Memorial Day With Exercise

May 24, 2019

The University of Wyoming is hosting a unique Memorial Day tradition over the holiday weekend. The Murph Challenge starts with a one-mile run, then 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, and 300 squats, and ends with another one-mile run. The challenge can be done individually or in teams.

UW Exercise Physiology Professor Evan Johnson said the workout is named for Lt. Michael Murphy.

"The reason people do this workout each year is in honor of a fallen Navy Seal who died while in action over in Afghanistan. And so this was one of his favorite workouts to do because he could do it with his own body weight," said Johnson.

He said it's about encouraging people to be active, but there's no pressure to complete the workout.

"Even if you come out and you get halfway through the workout and you're like, 'I am absolute toast right now,' as long as you come out and attempt it and be a part of the community that's what we're looking forward to," said Johnson.

Typically, the event is hosted indoors at gyms, but Johnson partnered with engineering student Levi Wolfe to build a portable pull-up bar that can hold 30 people at a time. The Murph Challenge in Laramie will be hosted outside in the old tailgate park near the field house. People should schedule a time slot online. Other Murph events will take place across the state.